As Twain once said "its better to be silent and thought a fool, than to open your mouth and prove it".  For once a hostile motorists bellow, left me laughing....

So yesterday I had just left the office. I wasn't in bike specific clothing except for my helmet. I figure it to be about 6:15pm, the rush hour is just past peak. Traffic light at a T intersection, I am on the road that ends at the T. The single lane road has a planted median for the last 100 feet, and the last 50 feet, the road is striped for one narrow left turn only lane, and an equally narrow right turn only lane. The road it ends into is 4 lanes divided. (for the locals, third ave and main/Broadway in Cambridge, near the point were the subway line emerges) The light is red on third, and there are about 4 cars ahead, so I just take my place in line, in the left turn lane. Its a narrow lane, so my wheels are planted in the right tire track, claiming my 6 ft long bit of lane. (since it was clear that I would get thru in the one light cycle, it wasn't worth the hassle to go to the head of the line).

The light changes, we all start rolling forward, I get to the intersection, make my left, and move into the right lane. As I am      making my turn, the guy that was two behind me, has jumped into the empty right turn lane (on third), passed the guy directly behind me, and was about to pass me on the right, but jumped into the left lane (cutting off the guy that was behind me, in the intersection itself).

This gorilla was the sole occupant of a full sized pickup truck, of sufficient load capacity to have doubled rear tires, tho the bed was empty. Figure at least 5 meters long, and two wide. Weight at least 2500kg (near 3 tons). The sort of machine that takes a shoehorn to fit into a standard lane. As he roars off (slight chirp from the 4 tires in back) on his way to cross the bridge at about double the posted speed limit, he bellows an opinion...

The vehicle I am operating is at most 2 meters long, 75cm wide at the elbows, and has a total weight (including baggage (some books, and a briefcase), and operator/engine) of at most 110kg.

So what bit of "Wisdom" did he bellow?


It was just too funny not to laugh....  I caught up with him at the light on the far side of the bridge.  It took almost all the restraint I could muster to not reply "You didn't have to shout, we could tell that from your actions".