Jeffrey Del Papa
288 Beal Rd
Waltham, MA 02453
(617) 924-3376 (h) (617) 460 6424 (cell)

Objectives: Software development manager or technical product management role in a software development organization.

The NERDS (self employed) (2001—present)
Developed and present a team-building event based on my experiences with the Junkyard Wars TV series.  Participants are challenged to construct a solution to an engineering problem, in limited time, with limited resources. Stresses group problem solving, improvisation, and outside-the-box thinking.  Half and full day corporate programs for up to 120 people, school events for grades 6 through 12.  Details at  Rubbish Deconstruction League

Product Manager, Time0 LLC (1999 -- 2001)
Time0 developed large-scale B2B digital marketplaces for external clients. I was the technical product manager for the internal development organization, Systems Engineering.  The group developed the core upon which the digital marketplaces were built. Primary duties were to be the connection and filter between client-facing project development groups and the systems engineering group developing the infrastructure.  Coordinated 3 releases of the product and libraries.

 Technical Services, Harlequin Inc. (1992 -- 1999)
Product manager (technical) for programming language systems. Also managed international support organization for 5 programming language products. (Staff distributed between 4 sites, on 3 continents)

Products included:

Other duties included  Manager, CAD Software Support.
 Analog Devices, Mixed Signal ASIC division. (1988 -- 1992)
 A developer, then manager, of the Software Support group for Janus, a comprehensive mixed signal integrated circuit design tool. Proposed, justified, staffed, and managed the product's first software support group. The group provided product engineering, telephone support, on-site installation, training, bug tracking, documentation, release control and update distribution; turning a lab prototype into a distributable tool.  
 Associate Director of Technology, Palladian Software Inc. (1985 -- 1988)
 Developed diverse sections of turnkey management decision-support expert system products. Worked with several very large (>750,000 line) products through their entire life cycle. The products ran on multiple platforms (IBM-PC, Unix workstations, and Lisp workstations). The products included a financial analysis tool, and two manufacturing capacity planning tools.
 Member of Technical Staff, Lisp Machine Inc. (LMI) (1984 -- 1985)
 Sole implementer of LAN server software suite for VAX/VMS. The product provided file, remote login, mail, remote printing, and address resolution servers for a MIT developed local area network protocol.
 System Programmer, GTE Fundamental Research Lab (1981 -- 1984)
 As a member of the Artificial Intelligence Group, was involved with the startup of a research program in machine learning; as a member of the Robotics Fundamentals Group, was involved with a basic research program in robotics.  Publication: Replacing VAL - Direct control of a Unimation PUMA Arm.
 Member of Technical Staff, Applicon Inc. (1979 -- 1981)
 VMS device driver development [including prototype hardware].
 Software Engineer, LFE Corp. Process Control Division. (1977 -- 1979)
Developed embedded real-time process control software for a non-contact sheet measurement system.
Made extensive modifications to an operating system originally based on RSX-11A. Added additional bootstrap loaders, device drivers [including prototype hardware], memory management extensions, I/O error logging, and performance metering.

Languages: C, Dylan, Lisp, Assembler (several machines including common embedded microprocessors), SQL (Oracle, Sybase), Java, and FORTRAN. Strong background in object oriented program design.

Software: Have worked with the internals of VMS, RSX-11M, RSX-11A, RT-11, the Lisp machine software system, and ITS. Use IBM PC (MS-DOS, Windows, Linux), Macintosh and Unix workstations regularly. Familiar with several network protocols, at the packet level.

Japan Society of Boston (1989 -- 1990) Introductory Japanese
Palladian Software (1985 -- 1986) Principles of Corporate Finance
Northeastern University Continuing Education Program (1983) Principles of Telephony I and II
Boston University evening graduate program (1978) Operating System Principles
Northeastern University (1975 -- 1977) Mathematics, CS, and Electrical Engineering courses.

Other Activity: Cyclist, build recumbent bicycle frames. Certified "Effective Cycling™” instructor. Interested in early music; serve as treasurer and member of the board of directors for the Society for Historically Informed Performance, a non-profit, volunteer arts organization, now in its 15th year. Organized the first US team to compete in the British "Scrapheap Challenge" (called "Junkyard Wars" when shown in the US) engineering competition. The team ( The New England Rubbish Deconstruction Society; The NERDS™) placed second.