Name: George Homsy

Occupation/Job Title
Graduate student in computer science and biology;
techno-hooligan; hacker-at-large;
Robot designer, builder; techno-artist;
medical instrumentation designer;

Nickname(s) (go on, even the bad ones)
Geo; "Combusto", djIoh


Unusual Hobbies
Building large destructive robots (see  Survival Research Labs,  for details)
Advising on other, more theatrical robots (see  Amorphic robots  for details)
Building things from junk found in garbage cans:
  furniture, light sculptures, architecture, etc.
Making music with explosions (see  Large Hot Pipe Organ  for details)
Preparing barbecues with found industrial objects
Building flamethrowers

Unusual skills/talents
Extremely good logical sense of how things work.
Very resourceful at putting systems together.
Extremely good mathematical talents including physics and analytic
geometry, with no problem applying knowledge to real-world problems.

Growth and form: biology and ontogeny

Strange or amazing facts about yout



This will frighten you!  Don't worry if you can do none of the things
listed since we will make sure that somebody on your team can.

All you need to do is tick the relevant box and write a short example
underneath, e.g.

  not bad  good  great
Welding        x
      I can weld anything.

Ok, now get tickin', folks....

  not bad  good  great
Welding                           x
(include types) MIG, electric arc.  Have done gas-tight MIG welding.
My arc isn't as good as my MIG, though.

Cutting                                           x
good control with oxyacetylene.  Chop saw, hack saw, cut-off disk, etc.
also good

Grinding                                          x
VERY accurate with bench grinder.  Good also with handheld angle grinder.
Good cut off skills.

Soldering                                         x
Been doing electronics since I was eight years old.  'Nuff said  :)
Also good with heavier soldering (copper sweat fitting, radiator repair,
solar panels, etc...)

Sawing                            x
Accuracy:  very good.  Stamina for hand sawing, though, not as good as
larger stronger people

Joining                                           x
I assume we're talking about joing planning, shaping, and fitting.  My
visual and geometric skills are extremely good, and I have good hand-eye
coordination.  Have done many weird joints with good results

Drilling                                          x
Good command of tools and materials, good accuracy.

Turning                                           x
freehand turning, machine tool turning, etc.  I've even turned things (in
a pinch) by chucking them up in a cordless drill, having a friend hold the
drill against a solid surface and spin the work, and then going at the work
with a hand file.

General Mechanics                                 x
_Extremely_ good.  Never once met a machine which I couldn't figure out
how it worked.

General electrics                                 x
Professional level skills in electro installation.  Plus detailed
electronics experience.  Have been hacking electronics since I was eight
(see above)

Panel work          x
Not much experience here.  But my experience with analytic geometry should
come in very handy.  Actually, I have designed a few very weird assymmetrical
panel shapes for various reasons.

Familiarity with                                  x
electric motors
Very good.  AC induction, AC synchronous, DC, DC brushless, stepper, etc.
You name it.

Familiarity with                                  x
Very good.  Hacked internal combustion engines for many years.  Designed AND
BUILT my own fuel injection system (!) from the ground up, for an automotive
electronics training school I used to work with.  Hacked race motors.  Hacked
chassis dynamometers.  etc, etc.

Other (please specify
include also professional

the most outrageous machine
I ever built was the world's only twin turbocharged air-injected
afterburning wood-fired hot tub, made ENTIRELY out of industrial scrap
materials.  If you haven't sent off the materials, you should add that
in at some appropriate place (probably in the "experience" section
where I mention SRL, etc...).  I'll scan some photos and put them on
the web at

- ----------------------------------------------------------------

Measurements (there is nothing sinister about this, even tho some of
the questions are a little peculiar!)   (for those that didn't see the
show, the team wears fitted jump suits)

Name: George Homsy

Sex: M

Date of Birth: Jan 22, 1965

Hair colour: brn

Eye colour: brn/gn

Height:  (imperial measure) 5' 8"

Head Size  (inches or hat size) 7 1/4"

Shoe size: 10 US

Chest size 39

Waist size 33

Hip size (women)

Inside leg 33

Arm Length (shoulder to bend at the wrist) 24"

glove size. large