William S. Yerazunis, PhD

   Occupation/Job Title

        Research Scientist

   Nickname(s) (go on, even the bad ones)

        "Crash".  My father was also nicknamed "Crash", but I never
        knew it till I met some of his old college friends.

   Unusual Hobbies




   Unusual skills/talents

        Mad inventor


        Mad inventor  (I have 15 US patents so far, all paid for
    by my employer )

   Strange or amazing facts about yout

        Been dead twice... it got better.  :-)

Skill Not Bad Good Great
Stick X
Gas X Welded 0.5mm wire once
Oxy/Acetylene X Cutting torches are a lot of fun
Plazma X
125mm handheld disk X
Surface X
With an Iron X I regularly overclock CPU chips, and re-jumper for SMP
7" Circular X
Sawzall X Sawing is easy.  It's measuring that's the hard part.
Joining Never tried it.
Drill Press X
1/2" Hammer Drill X
Turning X I made a steam engine when I was 14.
General Mechanics X I maintain my Land Rover by myself
General Electrical X The land rover has Lucas Electrics... Enough said.
Panel Work (metal) X I sometimes use tin cans as starting material
Familiarity with electric motors X I fix my own household appliances.
Familiarity with engines X I graduated high school as a qualified Plymouth Troubleshooter.

Other (please specify include also professional skills)

 Design engineering,  Computer programming,  chemical engineering, mechanical engineering,
 structural engineering,  locksmithing,  Radio/TV/Broadcast/Radar licensee,  ordained minister.


   Measurements (there is nothing sinister about this, even tho some of
   the questions are a little peculiar!)   (for those that didn't see the
   show, the team wears fitted jump suits)

   Name:  Bill Yerazunis

   Sex:   Male

   Date of Birth:  22 June 1956

   Hair colour:    Brown

   Eye colour:     Brown

   Height:  (imperial measure)  6 feet even in work boots, ~183 cm

   Head Size  (inches or hat size)  56 cm circumference measure.

   Shoe size:       10 extra wide (US size),

      or 28 cm from tip of toe to back
      of heel, extra wide please

   Chest size       114 cm

   Waist size       90 cm

   Hip size (women)

   Inside leg       71 cm

   Arm Length (shoulder to bend at the wrist)  59 cm.

   glove size.      mens' extra-large