Ten reasons why Scrapheap Challenge is better than Iron Chef

  1. The costumes are functional and fireproofed, not something silly made of silver lamé, by a brocade addict.
  1. Forget wimpy knives, how about a 2 hp, 14" diameter abrasive cutoff saw that could take off a leg in two seconds. Instead of a one handed tenderizing mallet, try a 5 kg sledge on a 1 meter handle.
  1. The ingredients supply weighs 800 tons, and covers half an acre.
  1. Your torch isn't some wimpy hand held thing, only suitable for browning brulé, its got a 6 tank gas manifold, and  an oxygen tank as tall as you are.
  1. The fire extinguisher is a "how many times" not an "just in case"
  1. Your ingredients don't try to run away. They may take a crane to move, and  might try to crush you however.
  1. No giggly, squeaky voiced actress (called the "BDJ" by the shows fans) only there to be decorative. The co-host has a Ph.D., and created the show.
  1. Which would you rather cut in half, a white delivery van or a live squid?
  1. You aren't judged on beauty of presentation. Ugly, and menacing looking are desirable attributes.
  1. Your fate is decided by the laws of physics, not the whims of a fortune teller turned food writer.
For UK visitors: Iron Chef is a Japanese cookery show.  A professional chef is pitted against one of the "house" chefs.  They get a mystery ingredient (in the case of seafood, often still live), and one hour to cook a gourmet meal from it, which is then scored by a panel of judges.  While the idea is an interesting one, what makes the show (and makes it funny) is the sports match like commentary, complete with a pair of announcers in the booth, and a fast talking color commentator on the field. For those who have yet to see Kitchen Stadium, I suggest two fan sites,  Iron Chef  and  Iron Chef USA 

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